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Are you looking for a SSL VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution for your remote users or telecommuter?
The Cisco IOS SSL VPN product is the product for you. Available for Cisco's wide range of routers, the SSL VPN component uses a web browser to securely connect to an enterprise network remotely while offering increased benefits over traditional Client VPN Software. Using Cisco's industry leading security and technology the IOS SSL VPN is available on any converged wireless, data and voice network.

SSL VPN Features

The SSL VPN bundle is available in two modes; full network access or clientless. The clientless mode allows network telecommuters the ability to use a web browser to securely connect to corporate resources. This includes email, such as Outlook or OWA (Outlook Web Access), network file shares, Terminal Services, Citrix and intranet Web Sites, applications and content. The full network access configuration uses the Cisco SSL VPN client to support remote VPN capabilities. This is similar to the traditional Cisco VPN Client that is currently used to connect to Pix Firewalls, Cisco IOS Routers or Cisco VPN Concentrators. An optional component of the SSL VPN Solution is Cisco's Secure Desktop. The Secure Desktop is a virtual desktop that focuses on increased end user security by preventing such things as browser history, temp files, cookies and other personal content from remaining on a PC, laptop or workstation that is being used for the VPN connection.

One of the primary differences between a traditional VPN solution/Client and Cisco's SSL VPN is the ability to limit remote users access to only the applications they need. Instead of allowing total network access you can specify only the applications that are required. The following is a brief list of the benefits of using the Virtual Private Network SSL in clientless mode.

  • Citrix Support - Allows for the ability to access applications installed on a Citrix Server
  • Windows File Sharing (CIFS) - Users can easily use network shares on Windows Servers
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) - Access OWA remotely and securely
  • Web Intranet - Remote users can access your local intranet
  • Java Application Helper - Allows for the use of email, Outlook, IM (Instant Messaging) and such things as Telnet by providing a connectivity pipeline to Non-Web based applications.

Cisco Secure Desktop

The IOS SSL VPN was designed with endpoint security in mind. VPNs have always been under scrutiny because of the lack of enforcing remote access policies on traveling users' laptops or desktops. The Secure Desktop allows for enforceable remote access policies on these devices. When a particular remote endpoint node connects to your enterprise network the SD checks whether the client has anti virus software, a firewall, a particular OS (Operating System) or is up-to-date with current Service Packs or OS Critical Updates. Access can be then denied if the policies you set are not met on the remote device. Once access is granted a secure, virtual "sandbox" is created on the PC or Laptop that encrypts all network traffic on the local hard drive. Once the session is finished and the user disconnects from your corporate network this data is permanently deleted using a US Department of Defense sanitation algorithm. This is especially important when remote telecommuters are accessing your network from a public, untrusted computer. Cisco's Secure Desktop offers the additional benefits;

  • Detection of Keystroke Loggers - Scans for locally installed keystroke logging software or other suspicious applications
  • Guest Permissions - On a public PC the remote user may not have local administrative privileges. The SD can be installed using only standard Windows Guest permissions.
  • Session Encryption - All data that is being accessed is encrypted and stored in a secure hard drive "vault."
  • Session Cleanup - After disconnection all private data is deleted and permanently erased including; passwords, temporary files, internet browser history, cookies and other session data

Vendor Partner SSL VPN Access

Using Cisco's SSL Virtual Private Network Solution is the perfect way to allow your Partners or Vendors access to critical and important company data in a secure maner. No client software is needed for your vendors or partners so granting access to your intranet or other pertinent information is a snap. You no longer have to open up your entire private network to external users. By using the SSL VPN you can grant access to only the applications the remote partnet/vendor needs. Deployment costs are decreased while accessibility in a remote, secure and affortable manner are incraesed.

IOS SSL VPN Availability

The Cisco IOS SSL VPN is available for the following router models;

  • Cisco 871 - Supports 2 SSL VPN Sessions
  • Cisco 1800 - Supports 25 SSL VPN Sessions
  • Cisco 2800 - Supports 75 SSL VPN Sessions
  • Cisco 3800 - Supports 100 SSL VPN Sessions
  • Cisco 7200 and 7301 - Supports 150 SSL VPN Sessions

Please take a moment and fill inthe brief form below. A Wiscomp representative will contact you regarding how we can assist you with Cisco's SSL VPN Service and Support.


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