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Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade - Upgrading Service and Support

Microsoft Windows Vista


Is your organization contemplating upgrading to Microsoft Windows Vista? Not sure if you should? Confused about the benefits and drawbacks of Vista and the impact on your company? Please read on. Wiscomp Systems Inc., a solutions provider of Microsoft Windows is ready to assist and consult your organization on your potential upgrade to Microsoft Vista to ensure a smooth transition that enables you to benefit from the immense enhancements of upgrading to Microsoft Vista on your desktops. The enhancements are many and add to that the number of Vista versions available confusion soon sets in. The following information regarding Windows Vista is designed to clear up some of the misconceptions and provide you, the customer with a more detailed map of a Vista Upgrade solution. Here are some of the benefits of considering a Microsoft Vista Upgrade;

Enhancements for a Mobile Workforce

The primary objective of investing in technology is to increase productivity within your workforce. Your greatest asset, your employees must have the necessary tools available to them to generate a competitive edge over your competition. This is done through increased communications that enable your organization to tend to your customers in a more reliable, efficient and accurate way. With more and more companies going "mobile" you must have the necessary infrastructure in place to support the current demands of your "road warriors." Accompanying a mobile workforce is a greater concern for network security and a more complex configuration. Vista addresses these concerns by providing the following;

  • Microsoft Vista features the latest technology in wireless security protocols so you can rest assured that your mobile workforce can access your network infrastructure in the most secure manner possible. Vista's BitLocker Drive Encryption secures your companies data in the event that a mobile device (laptop, PDA) is lost or stolen.
  • Mobile collaboration is first and foremost in Windows Vista. Using the Network Center and Network Setup Wizard users can easily get connected and communicate effectively with other coworkers regardless of location. The WIndows Meeting Space allows employees to share documents, presentations, applications and other business collaboration suites more effectively and effortlessly while on the road.

Improved Windows Security over Previous Versions

As a business owner security of your IT infrastructure and data is premium. These are important assets that need to be protected and addressed so that normal business operations and practices can be carried on without second thought to malicious activity. Upgrading to M98crosoft Windows Vista raises the bar on Network Security by adding the following;

  • Vista is shipped with internet explorer version 7 that can be installed in protected mode. This prevents the installation of malicious applets and spy ware detrimental to an organization's health. This reduces the possibility of accidental spyware/malware/virus installations and keeps mobile laptops secure and free of malicious content and applications.
  • Vista was written with security in mind. The end result is a more secure computing platform with reduced inherit exploitations and less of a need for constant updating/patching.
  • Remember being faced with the local administrative privileges dilemma in granting mobile users rights for local software installation? Vista has confronted this issue and developed the Windows Vista User Account Control capability. This has resulted in more granular control of user rights and allowing for mobile users to posses the ability to change important settings without being granted full administrative rights.
  • Vista has incorporated built in data protection mechanisms to allow for data recovery in case of accidental loss or deletion. This is provided for with the incorporation of the Shadow Copy Technology that allows users to retrieve an earlier version of a document.
  • Enhancements have been made in Windows Vista for increased detail in regards to event logs, auditing, tracking and other security related events. You will be able to reverse engineer a security exploit faster and more accurately.

Information Access and Organization

Searching for misplaced data is both time consuming and frustrating. Much of your company's data is not accessed on a regular basis and can get lost or misplaced. Microsoft Vista's Desktop Search feature enables the ability to find this misplaced data faster and more accurately then previous versions.

  • Windows Vista is shipped with the new integrated desktop search feature. This feature is built in to the operating system and helps end users to search for and find information quickly regardless of its location. Whether the data is stored locally, on a network drive or within internet explorer the integrated search feature located data quickly and efficiently without the headache and frustrations of not being able to locate data that valuable time was spent inputting.

If you are interested in Upgrading to Microsoft Windows Vista and need assistance please fill out the brief form below and a Wiscomp representative will contact you with information on how we can help you with your Vista Upgrade or Installation.

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